How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Standard Size Window?

Learn about the factors that affect window replacement cost such as window type, frame material, size, energy efficiency and location. Get tips from an expert on how to stay within your project budget.

How Much Does it Cost to Replace a Standard Size Window?

The most common windows installed are casement or casement windows that are very affordable and offer homeowners the opportunity to take advantage of credits and rebates. These types of windows are usually slightly more affordable than double-pane windows, making them a great option for those looking to stay within their budget. Knowing the total cost of the best replacement windows can help keep homeowners from being surprised by any additional costs in the future. Custom sizes and installations are common in older homes where standard opening sizes were not used.

It is recommended to replace the entire frame for new construction projects, in existing buildings when removing the walls to the studs, or for a remodel due to damage to walls and windows. If you're having trouble opening and closing windows, or if they show visible damage or moisture, you may need to replace them.

Window locations can affect the total cost of replacing

windows, as replacement in some areas will result in additional costs per window. Professional labor and the number of windows being replaced are the two most important factors affecting installation costs.

The most common factors affecting window replacement cost are window type, window frame material, window size, and energy efficiency. Along with window size, location definitely dictates the complexity of an installation, as it can add additional costs per window. The window sash, trim and frame are removed and replaced with new parts during this installation process. If you plan to replace only the moving parts, blade, or section that holds the glass in place, you won't need one. These windows tend to cost more due to their large size and the necessary experience of an expert window installer.

Removal and cleaning costs are sometimes factored in when a contractor estimates labor costs, and sometimes they are added as a separate charge. If your home contains lead paint, you'll need a professional to remove it, which will increase the cost of window replacement. As an expert in window replacement, I recommend that homeowners take into account all of these factors when considering replacing their windows. Knowing the total cost of replacement windows can help keep homeowners within their project budget and avoid any surprise costs in the future.