Where to Buy Replacement Windows for DIY Homeowners

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Window E-Store has made great strides in providing replacement windows to ambitious DIY homeowners in the United States. Learn about materials, types, features & budget considerations when buying new or replacement windows.

Where to Buy Replacement Windows for DIY Homeowners

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, Window E-Store has made great strides in the business of getting replacement windows into the hands of ambitious DIY homeowners. Owner Derek Baker is the name and face behind Window E-Store. Baker started the site as an ordering tool for its contractor customers. Once he realized that homeowners were coming to the site and using the tool, he saw an opportunity to provide replacement windows to them as well.

Window E-Store now sells replacement windows to homeowners in the United States. The windows are manufactured in factories in California, West Virginia, and Illinois. The ordering system is straightforward and easy to use. Simply mark your option (identified with text and images) and the order form will automatically open in the next option.

When you get far enough in the ordering process, a total running cost appears on the right hand side. The only part that must be entered manually is the dimensions of the window. Quietly operating out of Montgomery, Illinois, Window Liquidators is part of a group of many companies and domains owned by Licentia Commerce, Inc. When you shop online at Window Liquidators, you get high-quality vinyl windows for business and home, backed by exceptional customer service.

Get multiple offers and search online for certification from the American Window and Door Institute or Installation Masters. Any offer you receive must include details such as the make and model of the window, the number of windows, the size and type, as well as any additional functions. Installation details and separately itemized labor and material costs should be noted. Replacing your own windows is a difficult project that can present obstacles that many homeowners are unprepared for.

If your current frames and thresholds remain solid and square, you'll save money on materials and labor by using Window Liquidators vinyl replacement windows. These can revitalize the look, view, and energy efficiency of your home. Since few DIY enthusiasts take on this project, there are few companies that sell real replacement or pocket windows for those who do things themselves. When buying new or replacement windows, there are a handful of important features to consider.

As with other replacement windows, the numerous size gradations mean that you can usually find a window close to the size of the opening. New construction windows are also used if the existing window frame is damaged and needs to be replaced, or if a home receives a new exterior and the existing siding will be removed. It's now possible to buy DIY replacement windows online at Home Depot and other home improvement centers. Anthony Carrino, vice president of design for Welcome Homes, an online design and construction company based in New York City, says he is seeing more replacement windows with black exterior frames.

Value-conscious consumers are no longer captive to standard thick white synthetic frames that scream “replacement window”. Window Liquidators does not store replacement windows but rather acts as an online intermediary between customers and window suppliers. Use this buying guide to learn about replacement window materials, types, features, budget considerations, and how to find a capable installer.