What is the Cheapest Window to Install?

Vinyl is one of the most affordable and energy efficient varieties of windows. Learn about different window styles, materials and brands to find the cheapest window to install in your home.

What is the Cheapest Window to Install?

Vinyl is one of the most affordable, durable and energy efficient varieties of windows. Double-hung double-leaf windows with limited cladding are a great choice for those looking for a durable window that won't break the bank. Wooden, fiberglass and metal windows are more expensive, but may be worth the investment in the long run. Champion Windows offers simple and inexpensive vinyl window designs that will fit in most homes.

These double-pane windows have a top and bottom leaf that can be moved and tilted for easy cleaning. Castle Windows also offers vinyl windows with a more traditional look, as well as additional services for the home. Replacing single-pane windows with Energy Star certified double-pane windows can save up to 6,205 pounds of CO2 per year, which is equivalent to 317 gallons of gasoline. The cost of window replacement will depend on the style and material chosen, as well as any additional services needed.

The total cost of installing an arch window will depend on the number of panels used and the size of the window. When purchasing windows, make sure to ask for certifications and request a certified installer if necessary. Vinyl is a very cost-effective material, so homeowners can install vinyl window replacements that will last for years. To save on installation costs, choose windows that can be easily replaced and fit into an existing opening.

When looking for the best window brands, consider companies like Champion Windows and Castle Windows. Champion Windows offers Energy Star certified windows without needing upgrades, while Castle Windows provides personalized customer service in 11 states. Aluminum is also a popular choice for window frames due to its strength and light weight.